Welcome to King's College Education Foundation

The story of King's College Education Foundation may be traced back to the late 1990s when an appeal for donations was made for a fund to support the development of KC Students. More than four million dollars were received in no time, thanks to the enthusiastic response of all. Since 1998, KCPTA-King's College Education Foundation Fund (KCPTA-KCEFF) made good use of the money to provide scholarships and subsidize school activities.

In 2012, many alumni expressed the wish to help KC students reach greater heights through whole-person development. A consensus was reached that an incorporated body jointly governed by alumni and parents should be formed, to tap into the generosity of alumni and to build a stronger base that would enable the school to deliver education of the best possible quality to KC students. The King’s College Education Foundation (KCEdF) was subsequently established in 2013 and was recognized by the Inland Revenue Department as a charitable institution. Donations exceeding a total of four million dollars were received within a year and have not stopped coming in ever since. Furthermore, the balance of KCPTA-KCEFF was transferred to the KCEdF in 2015. The kindness of alumni and parents towards KC students was truly overwhelming.

By August 2020, KCEdF has disbursed a total of $6.79 million since inception to provide scholarships, support learning experiences, subsidize student activities, purchase equipment and instruments, give manpower support to KC, etc. We take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all generous donors and to the principal and staff of KC for their ceaseless effort in transforming donation money into benefits for students.